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MOTHS Lepid Opera - LunaSea Records

MOTHS are a four piece from the East Coast whose guitar riffs sound remarkably similar to THE PIXIES while their quirky lyrics are reminiscent of PAVEMENT. The lead singer [who’s name is never given in the liner notes] sounds eerily similar to NEIL YOUNG. “Lepid Opera” is their second full-length album full of rocking and jam filled tunes that would make any indie rock fan swoon. The album begins with the rocking “Walk into the Sun” with lyrics such as, “I got your message/ I gave one back…” and continues with the clever statement of, “Mark my calendar and I tell myself it doesn’t matter/ but like the hatter I am going mad.” MOTHS really like to jam…that includes an instrumental session half way through their songs with lyrics or abandoning lyrics completely. “Enthusiastic Loser” is probably one of the catchiest tunes on the record, complete with a catchy beat and a hummable chorus. “Wesley Willis” is the bass-heavy, funk flavored jam that pays homage to one of the most interesting performers to date. Their knowledge of Spanish becomes present in “Almohada” which also includes an accordion in the background. “Bat Cave” is one of the funniest, country-laden songs that still manages to rock with abrasive guitars that take it up a notch. “Sea Shanty” ends the record with a haunting acoustic guitar and lyrics that send chills up your spine. This band is very eclectic and it shows throughout “Lepid Opera.” Check them out.

-Kid Amy

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