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-10,000 Rubberbands (mp3)
-Small (mp3)
-Ticket (mp3)
-Lisa and Steven
-Chicken Bone
-Big Mike
-The Waltz

The Moths "Lepid Opera",
CD available at the site.

Moths recorded the record in Garfield N.J. at Neu Bleu Studios. The studio is in a green garage behind a green house. Andy Halasz and his father live in the green house and their Alaskan husky Max lives in the house attached to the garage. Whenever we went into the yard, often at night, the dog would jump all over us. This made carrying amps and coffee difficult. One day while we were eating lunch in the yard a blue and yellow parakeet landed in the yard and, within six seconds, Max pounced on the bird and killed it -- mutilating it right in front of us.

Andy's studio is excellent. He engineered and co-produced the record. His phone number is (973) 546-0415.




Authentic 100% cotton, hand silk-screened Moths T-shirt, available in Large and X-Large available through Tom.

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Also ask about the "Moths .gif-Pac" of special souvenier images created by Jason Donnelly of The Sonic Foundry.

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