Photo: Victoria Rich
  CD & LIVE REVIEWS 6/29/01

MOTHS Lepid Opera - LunaSea Records

As a major sucker for guitar band noise, and a real pushover for drastic tempo changes a la Television, itís pretty hard to get your kicks these days. So when the Moths' Lepid Opera got my ears it pulled and pulled until I couldnít quit smiling.

Noodling their way to telecaster heaven the Moths have poured themselves a long tall drink of jaunty rockroll bliss on this grimy little expedition. From the opening zig-zag wandering on "Walk Into the Sun" (in fact, the opener, cut two "Joking", and track three "Sunday Morning" constitute some of the coolest fifteen minutes of guitar rock Iíve heard in some time) to the punk-ish pandemonium of "Schoolís Closed" and the sigh at the end of the disc "Sea Shanty", the Moths grip the fret hard and dig in for a swell ride.

As a regular pimp for this sort of hot shit I gotta call you over and whisper push the hard sell here. Iím telliní ya you ainít gonna regret this one if you have even a slight rockroll guitar fetish. These boys even write and sing some pretty badass tunes. This is prime shit, so whatíchu waitiní for? - KH

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