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"Put holes in me woolens? You bet!"

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See the Moths in Concert at CMJ 2000 on the House of Blues's

" was great seeing the Moths again, and marveling at how effortlessly and seamlessly they manage to meld alt-country licks, sonic guitars, and those awesome Keith Moon drum parts into a refreshingly original and total package."
- Jersey Beat Jim Testa

WEFEST 2000!! Pic & Review

"That veneer of scrap metal makes all the difference as these songs sing and soar with a vibrant intensity."
Aiding & Abetting

"A socko set of tight, well-constructed pop songs and Noo Yawk attitude."
Jersey Beat

"Very college rock sounding stuff...back when college rock was good."
Mutant Renegade

"A long overdue 'discovery' in the making."
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"This New York band is slightly punk, but has enough bar room band charm to just get under your skin--like dirt under your fingernails."
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"Excellent Songwriting/ Excellent Sound - Check them out!"
WLIR-FM's Tri State Sound



One guy teaches adults how to speak English. Another teaches art to criminals. A third teaches five year olds how to go to the bathroom. The drummer is a salesman in New Jersey. We play songs about cabbies, their fares, toll collectors, some guys who used to play in the band, some people who should never get together, beer, and art school. We're based in New York City where we play play regularly at CBGB, Arlene Grocery, Brownies, Coney Island High, The C-Note, Continental, The Knitting Factory Main Stage, Luna Lounge, Lightship Frying Pan, and Mercury Lounge to name a few.

Elsewhere in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, Moths can be found at The Bug Jar (Rochester, NY), Grape Street Pub (Philadelphia, PA), The Melody Bar (New Brunswick, NJ), TT the Bear's Place (Boston, MA), The Stone Pony (Asbury Park, NJ), The Flywheel Gallery (Easthampton, MA), Tokyo Rose (Charlottesville, VA), Maxwell's (Hoboken, NJ), Equator Club (Manchester, CT), The Tune Inn (New Haven, CT), The Liberty Bar (Hoboken, NJ), Liquid Lounge (Hoboken, NJ), Velvet Lounge (Washington, DC), Rosebud (Pittsburgh, PA), Pontiac Bar (Philadelphia, PA), John 'n Peter's (New Hope,PA), McGuire's Erin Bar (Atlantic City, NJ), Styleen's Rhythm Palace (Syracuse, NY), Connections (Passaic, NJ), Classic Cafe (Islip, NY), Rhinecliff Hotel (Rhinecliff, NY), Pocono Brewing Company (Swiftwater,PA), Valentine's (Albany, NY), Shananigan's (Norwalk, CT), O'Brien's Pub (Boston, MA) and The Mohawk Place (Buffalo, NY). Moths were have been featured at various festivals, including: CMJ Music Festival 2000, the 1999 and 2000 editions of WE Festival (Wilmington, NC) and in the 2000 edition of the Independent Music Festival .

Moths can be also heard on the net-waves on performance artist Frank Moore's
Love Underground Vision Radio (LUVeR) out of Berkeley, California and on the airwaves at WLIR-FM's Tri-State Sounds with Brian Mannix. Moths have also played live on the air and web at the legendary WFMU-FM in Jersey City on Pat Duncan's Loud Live Acts.

The Moths latest CD "Lepid Opera" is available on Luna Sea Records.

There's a number of good bands that we like to play with, whose gigs we highly recommend. Among those are The Highwaters who play the Charleston with us every fourth Friday, say no more. Butz are nutz. Cementhead will kick your ass while Jonnie Chan and The New Dynasty Six will drive you to drink. Hot 'n Hazy take it easy, while Cropduster will leave you in theirs. Mold is nice, and Pitchfork Militia is a great band that doesn't get out enough. We have no greater weapon than the Negatones and Palomar is mighty and fine. deardarkhead is a bright shining star and The Jupiter Kings reign. Punch Drunk Monkeys will make your beg for donuts! No home is complete without a big, shiny godboy. Threepenny Opry does the twang thang and Today's My Super Spaceout Day should be every day. Get the low down on Lowdown Payment. And nobody doesn't love bobfields. The Damn Personals will never be bellboys. Wesley Willis wrote a song about us and we returned the favor. Don'cha know xbxrx hates us, and they hate you too! Mr. Cogswell loves our label-mates The Cogs. You hear that raging din? That's The Sound of URCHIN! The best marbles are Dark Marbles. Scott Carpenter & The Real McCoys rock you like a country western sledghammer. And check out APE--the world's biggest band.

Take a gander at these e-zines as well: Jersey Beat, Stephen and Mutant Renegade. Moths are now listed on UNK! - the official site of monosyllabic band names.

Two people without whom the Moths Publicity machine would not be complete are Steve Bartoo, Poster Boy and Paintball Crotch Catcher and eagle eye photographer Victoria Rich, for making us look good.

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